P2P Softtek offers human-error free business solutions to manage the day to day tasks at your business such as hiring, training, salaries and employee. Experience of one decade made our service perfect and we offer our services around the globe.

HR Consulting

Quality of business is directly proportional to the expertise of manpower and we always give preference to the talent and experience when we suggest candidates to our clients. Our business solutions ease your tasks or managing employees and training them too.

Our Services

Our clients across the globe have only one reason to choose us, the quality of our service. We can understand your actual requirements and suggest the right solution. After all we are doing the same for the last one decade.


Training sharpens the skill and makes perfect professionals. We provide comprehensive training to your employees to meet your needs. Special business solutions we offer will certainly improve the overall efficiency of your manpower.


Our Vision

Our vision is to bring in new technology to help our clients in establishing their business and to make it more successful. We extent our helping hand to improve all the areas such as production, marketing, administration etc and help our clients to come out with more innovative and effective strategies to improve their business.

OurĀ Goal

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to run their business successfully. We provide solutions to all their needs and train their employees to perform well.
Our ultimate aim is to satisfy our clients and hence we are providing comprehensive solutions as per their requirements. We always keep certain ethics in our dealings with our clients.

Business Solutions

Running a business organization is not an easy task. A proper coordination of different departs is necessary for a smooth running

P2P offers the best solution for managing various areas of business including administration, training, hiring workforce managing them etc.