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When you have many things to do and when the time is less. A consultation with our expert executives will help you to run your business properly. We are extending our consultation in the following areas.lost_21101337

Hiring Manpower

When you want to climb new heights in your business, you certainly need the support of highly experienced and talented people. We can help you in finding the right candidate from anywhere in the world. We have a list of experienced and talented professionals in all areas and our experienced HR executives will filter the list to suggest the best candidate to meet your requirements.


Whatever may be the expertise and experience, training is necessary to sharpen the talents. We are providing online training all over the world to make your employees more productive and effective. Thus we are guaranteeing an enhanced productivity and more profit from your business.

Employee relation

When you need to run the organization, you need to maintain a good relation with your employees. We have expert executives who can handle this work for you. Hence you will have sufficient time to concentrate on your core business.


Remuneration for employees should match with their talent and output. Here our team of experts will help you to assess each and every employee based on their performance and thus make the salary fixing and easy affair.

Our comprehensive training package is aimed at improving the productivity and the ability of employees of various departments.

iStock_000016199071XXXLargeWe provide special trainings for managers to make them perfect managers. The training includes crisis management at various levels, operation, production, sales and accounting. We provide special training to the employees to be proactive and to take self-initiative.

We know that the employees will be experts in the subjects they take care of; hence there is no point in repeating text book lessons to them. Our training is often practical oriented. We are giving training in behaving at various occasions and to maintain good customer relations as well as good relations with colleagues. Again we are updating them with the latest developments in their areas and make them in par with the changing technology.

Thus we are aiming at overall development of your workforce and the curriculum is designed to meet this target. This is our tenth year in this field and we can easily understand your actual requirements. We are planning the training program to meet all your requirements.


When we offer consultation service to improve your manpower, we are also providing you the best candidates with qualification and experience matching with your requirement. When we say that we help you in hiring workforce, we did not mean that our responsibility ceases with supplying enough manpower to you. Instead we are more interested to see that your business runs smoothly.

Here we differ from many of our competitors. We always recommend the right persons and we can help you in fixing the remuneration in par with the market standards. We can help you in assessing each and every employee from time to time and thus you can take decision of further increments of remunerations.

We will certainly help you to maintain a good employer-employee relationship so that you can run the show with the same persons for a longer period. After all, experienced and familiar persons are really an asset to any business organizations.

Thus we are offering a comprehensive solution for all your human resource related issues.

Outsourcing business process will certainly ease your work and reduce your workload. However, you should find the right person or the organization to derive the best results. P2P Softtek has a team of professionals who have vast experience in all areas of business. Besides, we are updating us with the latest developments in all sectors.

iStock_000024018421XXXLargeWe are providing comprehensive packages which will take care of all your needs and will provide you enough time to concentrate more on your core business. Since we are open 24×7 we can work according to the time of your convenient irrespective of the matter which time zone you belong to.

We are guaranteeing good results and many of our well reputed clients from across the globe will vouch for the quality of our service. We are providing world class services for reasonable prices and all types of business organizations can afford our service.

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